The quantitative mining of SYG is introduced

SYG is a decentralized blockchain mining platform that prioritized user privacy and satisfaction. This is an innovative approach to transparency and independent ownership of user data. Mine rewards and node rewards. This is the first time that ERC20 token payments have been used as a reward system for creating and sharing ecosystem content.

Token Sale

Token Name :

SYG (SYG Token)

Pre Sale

50 M

Public Sale :

6.8 M

Introduction To SYG

SYG quantified mining, solve the high cost, large power consumption, maintenance difficulties and other problems. Mining can be easily done anytime and anywhere to create value..

Four big gains

quantificat Output

Quantification of community involvement

Create community quantification

Node returns



SYG is an ERC-20 compatible token which is developed by using the latest pragma version 0.5.12. It can be used on the Ozcar platform to pay transaction fee and content creators along with rewarding users on the basis of their activity and engagement


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading blockchain web platform for content producers, influencers, advertisers, financial products。 and active users Through blockchain technology and token economy, we hope to eliminate interference from third parties and central agencies, which will lead to low transaction and service fees. Reward systems and tipping cultures not only increase user engagement, they also reduce the risk of fraud and fake liking of low-quality content。